South Sudan Environmental Advocates

We are dedicated to environmental protection that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvement in South Sudan. We are one of the leading environmental organizations in the world newest country. We advocate for environmental protection and solid waste management. South Sudan environmental Advocates (SSEA) is a community based organization in the republic of South Sudan that advocate for environmental issues, social, health and safety of mother-nature by addressing all kind of environmental conservation and challenges. South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) is headquartered in Juba city in the republic of South Sudan. SSEA provides environmental advocacy, awareness and social governance services to the communities of South Sudan, governments, institutions, hospitals and Energy sectors, Oil and Gas, mining, infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing industry. SSEA has been advocating for environmental issues and providing technical support in environmental protection and social performance within South Sudan and beyond.

Our Vision

A clean, healthy and well protected environment supporting a sustainable society and economy.

Our Mission

Prevent, restore and protect environment by reducing degradation and building green, healthy and sustainable ecosystem in the communities by empowering the society.


Rickard Sandberg

CEO & Leading Expert
Rickard Sandberg is a co-founder of South Sudan Environmental Advocates, Rickard was born in 1963 and has a Master Of Civil Engineering. He has an unique knowledge and more than 34 years experience as a lead environmental manager, including sustainable development, lead manager in development urban planning, and infrastructure projects.

Philip Dot

Vice CEO & Country Director
Philip Ayuen Dot is a co-founder of South Sudan Environmental Advocates, he is a South Sudanese Environmental Specialist with nearly 7 years of experience of monitoring & Evaluation environmental sustainability,sustainable energy development,accident prevention policy procedures and maintaining safe working methods. Excellent technical and project management

Mercy Mwende

Director of Programs & Projects
Mercy Mwende Kyalo is a co-founder of South Sudan Environmental Advocates, she is a passionate environmentalist, writer and social activist. Mwende has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Environmental Law from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

David Beek

Communication and Marketing Director
David Beek is a co-founder of South Sudan Environmental Advocates, he is the director of communication & marketing of South Sudan Environmental Advocates. He is a researcher and environmental advocate. Moreover, He is an independent opinion writer on social, political, environmental and economic topics in South Sudan