About us

We are dedicated to environmental protection that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvement in South Sudan. We are one of the leading environmental organizations in the world newest country. We advocate for environmental protection and solid waste management. South Sudan environmental Advocates (SSEA) is a community based organization in the republic of South Sudan that advocate for environmental issues, social, health and safety of mother-nature by addressing all kind of environmental conservation and challenges. South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) is headquartered in Juba city in the republic of South Sudan. SSEA provides environmental advocacy, awareness and social governance services to the communities of South Sudan, governments, institutions, hospitals and Energy sectors, Oil and Gas, mining, infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing industry. SSEA has been advocating for environmental issues and providing technical support in environmental protection and social performance within South Sudan and beyond.

Our History

South Sudan Environmental Advocates is community based organization in South Sudan that advocate and is committed to improving and empowering the lives of people particularly they youth, women and the general public in the social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability settings by creating an enabling environment for the community participation in developmental initiatives.

What we do

  • To practically strength, environmental capacity building and advocacy in the society
  • Environment, clean water and sanitation management (environment sustainable goals)
  • To advocate & train the community on environmental sustainability
  • To strengthen partnership in developmental initiatives with other like-minded organizations I.e. NGOS, UN agencies, government, learning institutions and religious organizations
  • Locally networked environmental entrepreneurship skills through community based organizations
  • Clean energy development such as sun power
  • Protection of water bodies from pollution across the country
  • Protection of environment from oil disasters and pollution in South Sudan

Our Team Members

Our Board Members

Dr. Gordon Angok Kuol

President of The Board

Dr. Angok is the Board President of South Sudan Environmental advocates,...................

Our partners

CLENA hugs nature, takes man in hand together to create a sustainable future today and tomorrow

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