The importance of agriculture is something that we all know and appreciated as humankind. We know that agriculture is not just only a backbone of the economy but also a backbone of life worldwide. We as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) are working to promote and raise awareness in the country. We are supporting agricultural activities across the nation. Environmental protection goes hand in hand with agricultural sustainability and growth in any country globally. We know that agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy. Moreover, agriculture is the backbone of the economic system of any given nation. Additionally, agriculture help in food security and raw materials, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to huge percentage of the population in the country. We as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) know that for very many years, agriculture has been associated with production of crucial food crops and sustaining of livelihoods across South Sudan. We as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) are working in collaboration with other organizations such as CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, FAO and Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of South Sudan to promote excellent modern agricultural techniques, knowledge and skills to the farmers and general public to ensure food security across the country. South Sudan is a country that is endowed with the best fertile soil and lovely weather for agriculture in Africa and we need her to takes advantage of her agricultural potential and fight food insecurity in the country and becomes a breadbasket in Africa.

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