Our aim is to work toward controlling the factors that affect the climate change in the world newest country, the Republic of South Sudan. We need to fight and control air, land and water pollutions across the whole nation. Moreover, we need to raise awareness and sensitization so that the citizenry and policymakers will be fully aware about the dangers and effects of climate change both in South Sudan and worldwide.

We need to encourage the government of South Sudan and international development partners to develop policies to control greenhouse gas emissions and to follow less-emission development. We need to educate the general public on the implications of climate change and to come up with best mitigation solutions to tackle it in the country. Furthermore, we are working in collaboration with other governmental environmental institutions and other humanitarian organizations concern about the dangers of climate change across South Sudan and earth wide. Our target is to develop effective framework to protect the Mother Nature and rich biodiversity of South Sudan and the world.

South Sudan is one of the top 5 countries globally at risk of climate change effects. It is highly vulnerable as the frequent floods are showing and most communities in the country are highly susceptible to the effects of climate change. This has rendered some to become climate change refugees, while millions are at constant risk of climate change disrupting their lives every few months. SSEA offers climate change adaptation and mitigation advice to organizations, institutions and communities. SSEA is also in a position to carry out climate change and adaptation Projects

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