Environmental Management

Environmental Impact Assessment
There is need for environmental impact assessment in the country, audits, monitoring and evaluation to mitigate adverse impacts and enhance environmental benefits. So far a lot of the development activities taking place in South Sudan do not adhere to environmental regulations accepted worldwide and leave the environment polluted, degraded and risk the lives of the communities living nearby. SSEA thus seeks to offer consultancy on the adherence of international and local environmental regulations. This will ensure that development does not lead to environmental degradation and avoid companies being liable in future for damage done in the course of their activities.
Environmental Audit
This is a compliance audit done as the specific laws dictate to ensure compliance to the environmental impact assessment report given. its an assessment of the extent to which an organization is observing practices which harm the environment. SSEA will help organizations identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps, along with related corrective actions.
Corporate Social Responsibility
SSEA is in a position to carry out corporateā€™s social responsibility in environmentally related fields. Be it water providence, waste management, clean energy and solar connection, environmental awareness campaigns, afforestation and reforestation of certain areas, community mobilization for environmental projects, creating environmental awareness and environmental protection.
Environmental Compliance
SSEA offers environmental compliance consultancy to organizations and corporates. This include international treaties that South Sudan is part of and the local compliance requirements by the various states in South Sudan.

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