Forest conservation

Environmental Awareness Campaigns(forestry conservation )

South Sudan faces a myriad of environmental problems that require both the government and citizen’s active participation to sort them out. These include illegal logging, waste management, wildlife poaching and trafficking and climate change among others. SSEA is in a position to carry out environmental awareness campaigns both online and on the ground to agitate for better environmental management and sustainable environmental behaviour from citizens, companies and the government.

Sanitation and hygiene

Only 55% of people in South Sudan have access to clean water. And even for them the water is expensive and not consistently available. This situation has led to the outbreak of cholera every few months in various parts of the country. The delivery of clean water is a life and death situation. SSEA is in a position to provide sanitation solutions to communities in a bid to ensure that people have clean water that they can afford and consistently.

Afforestation and reforestation

South Sudan forests at risk from deforestation from illegal logging, charcoal burning and foreign firms without licenses cutting down the teak forests. It is thus imperative for communities to take care of their forest resources by planting more trees where they have been cut down and even where they were none. SSEA is able to carry out afforestation and reforestation projects.

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