As you are all aware, South Sudan is one of the richest country in natural resources in the Sub-Sahara Africa and the entire Africa as whole. It is also one of the leading nation in the community of nations worldwide with the massive richness and blessing in biodiversity such as Sudd swamp which is the biggest wetlands in Africa and Boma National park which host the world second largest animals’ migration. South Sudan is endowed with huge minerals and many various industries are cropping up on monthly and yearly basis to invest in the natural resources’ sector and there are already many that are doing mining activities across the country and that has already engineered an impact on the Mother Nature. Mining has many environmental impacts both at the national and international levels through direct and indirect mining practices. Mining effects can result in soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, pollution of soil, groundwater and surface water as a result of many chemicals released from mining processes. And all those pollutions can lead to serious health issues if not properly monitored. Furthermore, in some nations, mining companies are required to follow strict environmental and rehabilitation regulations to ensure that biodiversity is protected and the mined areas returns to their previous state. So we as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) desire to protect South Sudan’s environment from dangers of mining activities and we are working in collaboration with government, companies, industries and humanitarian organizations to achieve this result for the benefit of the current and future generations of our beautiful South Sudan..

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