Water Body Protection

Water bodies protection from both solid & liquid wastes pollution is vital in South Sudan. water is life and all living creatures need it for survival and refreshment. Preservation & protection of water bodies is significant in South Sudan and we as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) are working tirelessly to ensure that freshwater ecosystems are safeguard and continue to deliver their essential services to the people in the Republic of South Sudan. We are working to protect the quality of water, biological diversity, encroachment of the lakes and other water bodies across South Sudan. We are working in collaboration with government’s institutions mandated to protect water resources across the country. We as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) know that water contamination is a biggest threat to human health, marine life and wildlife. Most of the water borne diseases are as a result of the water resources’ pollution. We’re working in collaboration with other international organizations such as CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE to protect water bodies from all kind of pollutions across South Sudan. vulnerability of water resources to pollutions of all kind is one of the critical challenges facing South Sudan in Africa.

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