Wildlife Conservation Management

We as South Sudan Environmental Advocates (SSEA) love Mother Nature and environmental protection just like the way we value human life. We’re like the other great and golden organizations such as UNEP and CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE which are some of the greatest environmental organizations on the mother earth who are doing fantastic work to safeguard nature. We as (SSEA) want to control oil & gas pollutions in the motherland and as you know oil & gas production are among the main culprits of air pollution and one of the globe’s huge killers according to the United Nations. When fossils fuels are burned by power plants, automobiles and industrial facilities, they generate toxic gases both to the atmosphere, water bodies and mainland. The environmental impacts of the oil industry are correspondingly extensive and expansive. Moreover, there are massive quantities of toxic and non-toxic wastes that are generated during the extraction, refinement and transportation stages of oil & gas. Some of the industry by-products such as volatile organic compounds, nitrogen & sulfur compounds and spilled oil can pollute air, water and soil at levels that are harmful to life if improperly managed. Climate warming, ocean acidification and sea level rise are worldwide changes that resulted from oil industry’s emissions of greenhouse gases like methane and micro-particulate aerosols like black carbon. So we are working tirelessly to create public awareness and provide best solutions to control oil & gas pollutions in South Sudan. Our country is an oil producing nation and oil need to properly manage to avoid health and environmental catastrophes both now and in the future. We are working closely with the government, oil companies and environmental organizations like CLENA SUSTAINABLE FUTURE to addressed challenges facing Mother Nature in South Sudan.

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